About me

Already as a young girl I was only to be found at the local riding school. At the age of five I started with vaulting, with eleven I moved on to my first riding pony “Wirblewind”. After some time with different pony-club ponies I became my very own pony “Gregor” at the age of 12. Soon after our first taste of competitions started.

Two years further on “Sunny” came. Things then went very quickly and shortly afterwards we were to take part in German Championships for Eventing in Gotha, were we were placed 9th. This led is into the Federal Team for Germany.

Unfortunately dressage was not the best discipline for Sunny. My first dressage horse was Fellini, who you could always count on. I have her to thank for so many ribbons and preliminary, novice and elementary classes. Many young horses were to follow and with the help of my trainer I competed up to advance level.

During this time I got coached by Miriam Henschke, as well as the Team of Hof Kasselmann. My next trainer was Andreas Vornmoor, from whom I learnt so much. Later, due to my studies I moved to Oliver Oelrichs stable in Lengerich.

It quickly became clear to me that my love of horses and riding was not just to remain a hobby but to become my occupation. In 2004 I became self-employed, but the main focused in this was teaching and riding my own horses. Later the training of horses and ponies on behalf of clients became a bigger part.

Through Hubert Hemmelgarn, a well-known pony stallion breeder, for whom I had ridden ponies as a child at the Hollage Pony Auctions, ponies became my passion, as which they are very much today.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Date of Birth: 10.07.1976
  • High school graduation 1996
  • From October 1996 – University studies of Commercial Law, Osnabrueck
  • From 2000 studies of Taxation law with a graduation as “Masters of Taxation”
  • From 2001 part time self-employment as a rider and trainer
  • From 2004 full time self-employment as a rider and trainer