Over the years I have been able to establish very good cooperations with sponsors, breeders and clients. At this point I like to introduce them to you:


Sattlerei Dresch

Saddlery Dresch´s main purpose was to construct saddles that wouldn´t press a horse into a form but to allow each horse or pony in the free movement to enable the correct muscular development, to help the horse with it´s strengths and weaknesses through which it can bring it´s best performance being ridden. I am complete convinced of the concept of the Dresch Saddlery. Many of my pupils also have saddles from this company. A made to measure saddle can be attained for your own horse.


Lieblingspferd-Reiten mit Stil

A very young company owned by my sister Insa. She provides me with bridles from the company “Royal H” plus riding clothes and horse equipment. In addition the ponies and I are occousunly posing as models. Plus both my students, the 8-year-old Carla as well as Louise Wedermann represent the brand “Lieblingspferd” successfully.


Royal H

With the company Royal H and the through the assistant of the company “Lieblingspferd” I´ve a found a very good partner for bridles. We are always working together on new ideas and improvements in the daily use of the equipment.


Carina Keizers
Carina can always put our horses and ponies forward in the best light. Her Photos and videos show our horses and ponies with all their beauty and naturalness. Create your own impressions by looking at our pictures and videos.


Hubert Hammelgarn

As a total Pony-Expert Hubert can always assist us with advise and a hands-on mentality. In addition we have many up-coming youngsters from Hubert´s stallions in training with us. Have a look to our Sales ponies for an impression.